3D WOUND ASSESSMENT SOLUTIONCambridge, MA. SerenaGroup™, the premier Wound Care management and Research Organization in the US, and eKare, Inc. announces inSight™ 3D Wound Assessment Solution to be introduced in SerenaGroup’s clinic worldwide. With the goal of transforming wound care using advanced analytics and sensor technology, eKare, Inc., a spin off enterprise from The Children’s National Health System in Washington, DC, introduces their new inSight™ 3D Wound Assessment Solution. inSight™ provides accurate and convenient 3D wound measurement and documentation at the point-of-care for pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers and other hard to heal chronic wounds. Built on an Apple iPad, inSight™ delivers an intuitive solution that enables clinicians to obtain a full set of 3D measurements by simply snapping a photo of the wound without direct patient contact. eKare co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Kyle Wu, MD, states, “inSight™’s 3D sensing delivers objective metrics such as wound depth, area, and volume, as well as estimates of wound bed composition by appearance while reducing risk of nosocomial complications. And all this is accomplished right at your fingertips using inSight™ directly on an iPadtablet.” In addressing the question of clinical flow, eKare CEO, Patrick Cheng, commented, “our HIPPA-compliant cloud platform allows clinicians and providers to securely access, analyze and share the images and informatics generated from the eKare sensors. Clinicians can access the information when and where they need it, allowing for more effective remote monitoring and tele-collaboration,” Cheng said. With increasing emphasis on data transparency and quality improvement by the CMS, inSight™ will be integral to provider accreditation. Dr. Wu commented that “ inSight™ is positioned to facilitate compliance in meeting the skin and wound assessment requirements for the providers and become the ‘gold-standard’ for wound measurement and documentation” in meeting their reporting mandate. “The current methodology for measuring wounds in the wound clinic is inaccurate and not reproducible. It is essential that we incorporate advanced imaging techniques in assessing healing in our patients. It will allow us to identify patients in need of advanced potentially limb salvaging procedures earlier on in the course of their treatment,” said Thomas Serena, MD, FACS,CEO and Medical Director of SerenaGroup™ SerenaGroup™ is a global health care management company with the mission of developing the world’s leading Centers of Excellence in wound and hyperbaric medicine. SG has placed a special emphasis on clinical performance, outcomes, and serious clinical research in the Wound Care space.