Kara Couch


Ms. Couch graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing (FNP) from Georgetown University in 2002. Currently, she works as the Director of Wound Care Services at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC. She is an Associate Research Professor of Surgery at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at George Washington University. Her wound care interests include caring for persons with limb loss/limb differences, complex abdominal wounds and use of technology in wound healing. Ms. Couch is the current Co-Chair of the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders and the President-Elect of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC). Kara is a Fellow of the Association of the Advancement of Wound Care. She is an editorial board member of Wound Management and Prevention, Today’s Wound Clinic, Wound Masterclass and WoundSource 2023. Kara is the co-chair of the Wound Care Community for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She is a member of the Prophylactic Dressing Standards Initiative, a joint collaboration between the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel and European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

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