Senior Vice President of SG Professional Services

As a Senior Vice President of SG Professional Services, Blair works closely with practicing Providers in our SerenaGroup outpatient programs.  Blair is responsible for onboarding, communication and relationship building with the providers and has created Professional Pearls, a monthly newsletter to communicate with the providers.  Blair works closely with our third party billing company, Program Directors and CCO to ensure all documentation is adequate and complete.  She is an advocate for our providers and ensures they are fully supported so they can focus on healing chronic wound care patients.

Blair has been with SerenaGroup since 2017 where she was a Program Director for multiple sites within the Ascension HealthCare System.  Blair is a member of the SerenaGroup Education Committee and has been a mentor to new Program Directors.  Prior to SerenaGroup, Blair has 10 years of experience in healthcare, specializing in marketing, home health, and acute care.

Blair holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from Baylor University and a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Kaplan University.  Blair is currently a PhD candidate at Walden University.